Board of Commissioners

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Jerry Pittman - Chairman  

Diana Biddle - Vice-Chairman  

Chuck Braden 

Commissioner Staff: 

Commissioner’s Assistant: Melissa Stinson

The three (3) member Brown County Board of Commissioners act as the County’s Executive Committee. Elected to four (4) year terms, each Commissioner is elected from their home district within Brown County to serve at the pleasure of the voters. The laws governing their powers and executive duties can be found in IC 36-2-2.  

Within purview of the Commissioners, their responsibilities include:

  • Receive bids and authorize contracts
  • Review and approve county claims: IC 36-2-6-2
  • Work with the County Highway Superintendent to supervise construction and maintenance of road infrastructure.
  • Serve on various county boards, commissions, and committees, while selecting and appointing members to fill positions on various County boards, commissions, committees, and department heads.
  • Maintain and supervise county property including the courthouse, jail, and public offices. IC 36-2-2-24