What is TRIAD of Brown County?

TRIAD is a group of community volunteers providing a link between the Brown County Sheriff's Office and the community. The program provides support, primarily social, to senior citizens and/or the disabled. 

TRIAD Group PhotoThe Brown County Sheriff's Office has long supported TRIAD as a valuable periodic contact with the counties citizens. Each TRIAD volunteer has undergone a background check and six months of on-the-road training, and is deputized by the Brown County Sheriff's Office as a Special Deputy. We visit homes in TRIAD uniforms and TRIAD marked vehicles. While we have undergone CPR training, we are generally NOT qualified as first responders and EMT's.

TRIAD volunteers are primarily retired people who now have the time and desire to give back to their community. We are not paid, but find joy and meaning in the service we can provide and the friendships that develop from our visits. TRIAD is always looking for volunteers. Is joining in our work, something you might consider?

What does TRIAD do?

The primary mission and activity of TRIAD of Brown County is periodic home visits - a friendly chat, a check on well-being, and opportunity to see if there is some specific need. Many of those we visit are home bound, or are recovering from a bereavement or a medical crisis. Some do not have family nearby who can visit. (It is important to note that TRIAD is not able to serve in a "home helper" role or to provide daily monitoring.)

Additionally, TRIAD does the following for those whom we visit or have visited:

  • puts on an annual community picnic for them and their families and care givers,
  • provides a Christmas activity and/or food box as a gift, and send out birthday cards,
  • delivers Thanksgiving meals for the EMT Association (to our clients and others),
  • works with regional food banks to get food to some of the more needy,
  • has light medical equipment for loan - canes, shower seats, toilet risers, etc.,
  • installs green reflective address signs ("911 signs") for those who want one,
  • distributes (and tests) smoke detectors and provides replacement batteries,
  • provides "File of Life" packets, used to alert EMT's to current medical information,
  • visits those who are now resident of Brown County Health and Living Center or are hospitalized,
  • attends viewings and/or funeral services as possible

TRIAD does not do such things as make home repairs, provide personal care, and the like. We do try to put people in touch with social service agencies and/or volunteers who do provide such help. TRIAD (The Right Information and Direction) tries to help those whom we visit find the help they need. 

We are open to your ideas of how TRIAD could serve the community better.

How can you support TRIAD of Brown County?

TRIAD's expenses are covered almost entirely by donations and grants. Our vehicles were obtained by using grant money and the support of the Brown County Sheriff's Office. Our donations come from individuals, churches, charitable organizations, and local businesses. They are spent on holiday programs and/or gift baskets, picnic expenses, office supplies, and the like.

The members of TRIAD are unpaid volunteers. They are asked to donate one day a week of their time, primarily to make home visits. Some give more than that.

If you are able, please consider including TRIAD among your charitable donations. You can mail donations (tax deductible) to TRIAD at P.O. Box 2141, Nashville, Indiana 47448.

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