Driveway & Logging Permits

How to Submit a Driveway Permit or Logging Permit

To submit a driveway permit or logging permit, please fill out the appropriate application.  Once completed, you may drop off your application at the Highway Department Office located at 711 Greasy Creek Rd, Nashville, IN 47448 or you may mail your application to P.O. Box 2088, Nashville, IN 47448.  
Please Note: Permits that require a fee must be paid for with cash or check, made payable to the Brown County Highway Department, at the time of submittal.


  • Private Driveway Permit application fee: $65.00
  • Commercial Driveway Permit application fee: $205.00
  • Logging Permit Application fee: $25.00
  • All other fees listed under Section 5 of the Ordinance for County Roads (link below under Local Ordinances)

***FOR DRIVEWAY PERMITS: Prior to submitting your driveway permit, we ask that you mark your driveway location with flags, so that our inspector can easily locate the proposed location.  Failure to flag will result in no inspection.  Flags are available at the Highway Office if needed.  

Driveway Permit Types

Private Driveway Permit: This type access connects the county road to private property having a residence, barn, or private garage, in improved or unimproved condition, used by the owner or occupant of the premises, guests, and necessary service vehicles. Private driveways can also be used as farm field entrances when accessing unimproved land.  This may include existing driveways and associated approaches and/or culvert replacements as well as logging or other temporary access. 

Commercial Driveway Permit: This type of approach connects the county road to private property used for commercial purposes or to a public property.


After inspection for the driveway permit application, the county highway department will let you know if a culvert pipe is required and if so what size is needed.

Culverts can be purchased through the Brown County Highway Department.  The highway department is also able to install driveway culverts if needed within the county's jurisdiction - for cost/fees please contact our office at (812) 988-4545.

Local Ordinances

Click here to view the Ordinance for County Roads
Click here to view the Ordinance for Logging