File a Tort Claim

BellsvilleFiling a Tort Claim for Property Damage and/or Personal Injury

Your claim for property damage and/or personal injury against the Brown County Highway Department must be made in writing as prescribed in IC 34-13-3.  You have 180 days after loss to file your tort claim and it must comply with the state code. 

Filing a tort claim is part of a legal process.  If you have questions about how to file a claim, contact an attorney.  The county's attorneys and employees are not authorized by law to assist you with filing a claim. 

Review the actions or conditions resulting in non-liability listed in Indiana Code 34-13-3-3 before filing a claim. 

How to File a Tort Claim

Complete the Notice of Tort Claim according to the form's instructions.  Keep a copy of your claim and any pertinent documentation regarding your loss.  Each person who had a loss should file a separate claim.  Pursuant to IC 34-13-3-12, the completed claim must be delivered in person or by registered or certified mail (our mailing address is P.O. Box 2088, Nashville, IN 47448).

The Brown County Highway Department along with our insurance carrier will investigate your claim if it is properly filed.  You will be notified in writing within ninety (90) days of receipt if your claim is approved.  By law, a claim is denied if not settled within ninety (90) days.  You may contact an attorney if you have questions regarding a denied claim - again the county's attorneys and employees are not able to  provide you with any legal advice.