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The Brown County Highway Department is organized under the Highway Superintendent, who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Our county road system consists of approximately 400 miles of road including side ditches & culverts, 85 bridges, and numerous roadway signs throughout the four townships within our county.

The highway department's responsibilities include:

    Inspecting & maintaining inventories of the county road system, county fleet of vehicles, and equipment.

    Manage & schedule road construction for maintenance and repair activities performed by the county highway crews such as bridge/culvert repair and replacement, bridge & road construction, mowing, ditching, patching, and snow removal.

    Issue approvals and inspect construction of driveways intersecting county road to ensure compliance with the county driveway ordinance. 

    Issue permits and inspect utility work within the county road right-of-way to ensure compliance with the road cut ordinance.

    Perform or coordinate preparation of design surveys, construction plans and specifications, construction inspection or county construction projects. 

    Administrative tasks include preparing the annual budget for highway related activities and the annual operational report of expenditures and income as required by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

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